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Monday, 13. January 2020

To Do:

What I Did

I compiled openbabel for massive, set up some SAPT scripts, started running some ethene jobs and looked over the palladium and nickel output files.

I also started the Pd-Ethyne HF job, so that we can see if there is any interaction at a not-self destructing distance

What I Learned

While we still couldn’t get the palladium jobs to optimise nicely, we did find out some useful stuff, namely:


Works end-on (attacking one of the ethyne hydrogen) by lowering the LUMO energy, donating into the anti-bonding orbitals.


Seems to lower the HOMO energy, side on (next to the triple bond) stabilising the transition structure by mixing with the \(\pi\) orbitals.

Simply put, they have vastly different mechanisms of action, despite belonging to the same group