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Friday ½/2018

Reduction of 2 to form 3 (AS05)

After allowing the precipitate to settle, I wasn’t confident that the precipitate wasn’t just some residual \(\ce{MgSO4}\), So I reduced down the mixture with the rotary evaporator and redissolved the residue in minimal DCM, to ensure that the desired product 3 was in solution. I then filtered the solution (which was turbid at this point) through a pipette with some cotton wool and celite in it (fig:AS05filterpipette), which gave me a crystal clear, yellow solution

After drying this again and taking an NMR, the results showed very little, because the solvent peaks were just too great ([fig:AS05NMRsolventpeaks] Bottom).


Filtering the turbid solution through celite
fig:AS05NMRsolventpeaks Top), so I have passed the information to my supervisor for some more guidance.