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Week n+18

Monday 1/11

What I did today:

  • I just had a meeting with Katya in which we went over any little lingering things that needed to be addressed, so I have a few things to implement before It’s ready to send of to Michelle.
  • I’m probably going to plonk at a cafe and go through my thesis with a red pen after lunch.


Tuesday 2/11

What I did today:

  • Today, I’ve been continuing on from yesterday’s work and have spent most of my day going through my thesis draft 2 with a red pen.
  • Red penning has been done, I just need to implement my changes now.

Wednesday 3/11

What I did today:

  • I’ve implemented all of my red pen changes and am putting the final touches on to send off my second draft this evening
  • Second draft done and sent off for review 😄

Thursday 4/11

What I did today:

  • I went over India’s thesis for her while waiting for feedback on mine

Friday 5/11

What I did today:

  • I’ve started to implement the feedback on my second draft. I think Michelle’s is going to involve a fair amount of reading to better understand what’s going on.
    • This has been implemented, but I have disregarded some of her advice.

Writing Tasks

  • Review the few red points left in the thesis (it’s just the intro atm)
  • Finish off the rest of the drafty first edit, including all of the front/tail matter
  • Proof read and tweak
  • Implement round 1 feedback suggestions
    • Sophie
    • Peter
    • Alexandr - I’m actually going to ignore a decent chunk of his feedback tbh. His feedback is a bit contentious in places, and he was missing a large chunk of my work/polish when he reviewed it.
    • Katya
  • Proof read and tweak
  • Review India’s thesis
  • Implement round 2 feedback suggestions
    • Michael
    • Michelle
    • India
    • Katya
  • Proof read and tweak
  • Submit