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Week n+17

Monday-Tuesday 25-26/10

What I did today:

  • I’ve put my thesis aside while all the feedback starts to pile in and and have mostly been working on trying to slam out my PhD proposal. The feedback that I have been getting has mostly been positive, though some of the non-comp feedback has been a bit disheartening to receive.
    • AAAANDDD submitted.
  • I plonked in a park and started to work through some of the feedback this arvo

IMG_1072 (1)

Wednesday-Friday 27-29/10

What I did today:

  • So I got my feedback from Katya and there is a lot of red, so I guess my post-draft submission break is over now.
    • I’ve put the feedback from everyone else aside while I focus on this, since it’s going to be me changing most of my stuff in the first place.

Writing Tasks

  • Review the few red points left in the thesis (it’s just the intro atm)
  • Finish off the rest of the drafty first edit, including all of the front/tail matter
  • Implement feedback suggestions
    • Sophie
    • Peter
    • Alexandr
    • Katya - in progress
  • Add more discussion with comparison to literature
  • Review the paper by Wang et al. to find any other analysis that you should perform, or any other things that should be discussed.
  • Proof read, proof read, proof read.

Writing Matrix

Section Status
Abbreviations Removed
Abstract Reviews implemented
Intro Reviews implemented
Computational details Reviews implemented
Reaction benchmarking Reviews implemented
Static \(F_Y\) Reviews implemented
Static \(F_Z\) Reviews implemented
Static \(\varepsilon_r\) Reviews implemented I think?
Efield Scans First draft done
EDD maps First draft done
Relaxed \(\vec F\) First draft done
Derivatives First draft done
Final Benchmark First draft done
Conclusion First draft done
Acknowledgements First draft done