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SDL Guide

These are just my own personal ramblings and notes based on watching Chris Cramer’s youtube playlist, Computational Chemistry, Niel G. Dickson’s playlist You can solve the Schrödinger equation, Chemistry (Chang)’s kinetics chapter, Katya Pas’ CHM3911 Lectures (2017) and of course, notes from the Virtual Winter School on Computational Chemistry

Neil Dickson

Chris Cramer

Computational Chemistry


When I started watching these videos, it was a year and a half ago and I was writing full notes for each lecture. Fast forward to early 2021 and I don’t feel like I need to understand every little detail of every lecture as deeply anymore, and I feel that I’ve built up a decent library of fundamental knowledge. While I’m still watching and enjoying these lectures, I’m probably going to write down only the bits that I feel like I need to have on file

2. The PES
3. MO theory
4. Ab Initio
6. Solvation

Statistical Molecular Thermodynamics Part 1 and Part 2

As much as this unit is very fundamental, I feel as though it will probably be a good idea to revise thermochemistry, and probably learn/consolidate a whole stack of stuff that Swinburne has neglected.


Katya Pas - CHM3911

Kinetics - Chang