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Gromacs Single Molecule Sovation (CGenFF)

Generating your molecule force fields

First, you’ll need to get your geometry in a mol2 format. build/download and convert as needed

you will need to change the molecule identifier on the second line of the files t a short (less that 5 character I think - 3 to be safe) name that you’ll use later

 26 26 0 0 0

If you’ve built the geometry, you may need to reorder the bonds in ascending order. this can be accomplished with the perl script molecule.mol2 molecule-out.mol2

Now you’ll need to upload the molecule to the CGenFF server to assign each atom an appropriate type from the CGenFF force field. Download the .str file and use the the cgenff_charm2gmx script to convert your str


you’ll need to run the script thorugh dos2unix and change the #! line to ‘#! python’ since the file needs to be run with a specific version of networkx, you should use the following process to create a conda env for the script.

conda create -n cgenff
conda activate cgenff
conda install numpy
conda install pip
pip install networkx==2.3
conda install numpy

You’ll also need a copy of the force field iself, probably charmm36-jul2017.ff to be able to work with the script. And now you can run the script, paying attention to the molecule identifier you used in the mol2 file: MOL molecule.mol2 molecule.str charmm36-jul2017.ff

This should spit out a file called mol_ini.pdb`, check to make sure it looks alright in pymol before going about the Gromax setup.

Setting up in Gromax

This will primarily follow the Gromax Lysozyme tutorial, but with a few minor differences.


When generating your topology, don’t use pdb2gmx, as your force field has alrady been assigned by cgenff_charm2gmx. instead just convert the geometry straight into a .gro file. Also take this opportunity to rename the file to as per Gromacs convention.

gmx editconf -f mol_ini.pdb -o mol.gro


Now you an create your PBC conditions and solvate the molecule. this buffers the molecule with 1nm of solvent on each side, inside of a cubic box and solvates with water

gmx editconf -f mol.gro -o molbox.gro -bt cubic -d 1
gmx solvate -cp mol-box.gro -cs spc216.gro -p -o mol-solv.gro

If you need to add ions, you can do so as per the tutorial.


Download this em.mdp file and prepare it in gromacs as so:

gmx grompp -f minim.mdp -c mol-solv.gro -p -o em.tpr

If it won’t work because of warning,s you can just increase the allowable with -maxwarn 5

Now run the minimisation

gmx mdrun -v -deffnm em

Once finished, you can check the output by generating an energy plot:

gmx energy -f em.edr -o potential.xvg

Then type the number corrsponding to “Potential” followed by ” 0”

You can open this in gnuplot as such:

set datafile commentschars "#@&"
plot "energy.xvg" using 1:2 with lines


Now to equilibriate temperature, you’ll need to download this nvt.mdp file and modify the tc-groups line from:

tc-grps                 = Protein Non-Protein   ; two coupling groups - more accurate


tc-grps                 = MOL SOL               ; two coupling groups - more accurate

Prepare the file as with the minimisation, run it with mdrun and output your temperature plot to ensure it’s equilbriated:

gmx grompp -f nvt.mdp -c em.gro -r em.gro -p -o nvt.tpr -maxwarn 4
gmx mdrun -v -deffnm nvt
gmx energy -f nvt.edr -o temperature.xvg
> <Temperature> 0
> set datafile commentschars "#@&"
> plot "tempreature.xvg" using 1:2 with lines

now you need to do the same for pressure with this npt.mdp file (including editing the tc-grps)

gmx grompp -f npt.mdp -c nvt.gro -r nvt.gro -t nvt.cpt -p -o npt.tpr -maxwarn 4
gmx mdrun -v -deffnm nvt
gmx energy -f nvt.edr -o pressure.xvg
> <Pressure> 0
> set datafile commentschars "#@&"
> plot "pressure.xvg" using 1:2 with lines

MD Run

Now it’s time for the MD run, following the process above with this md.mdp file (editing the tc-grps)

gmx grompp -f md.mdp -c npt.gro -t npt.cpt -p -o md_0_1.tpr
gmx mdrun -nb gpu -pme cpu -v -deffnm md_0_1
gmx energy -f nvt.edr -o pressure.xvg

The -nb gpu -pme cpu are to better utilise gpu and multicore systems

To center the molecule in the middle of the PBC cell after the run:

gmx trjconv -s md_0_1.tpr -f md_0_1.xtc -o md_0_1_noPBC.xtc -pbc mol -center