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Notebook and Journal

I’m Adrea, a computational chemistry PhD candidate at Monash University. The purpose of this site is mainly to act as a repository of my notes and ramblings, it’s an incoherent collection of random markdown files, cobbled together with MkDocs that I wanted to be easily accessible and searchable.

If you find value in it, that’s always useful, but this is primarily a tool for myself and I don’t expect it to be anything to anyone else, apart from collaborators or people that I want to share specifics with.

Some of the things I’ll be keeping in here are:

  • Research notebooks
  • Cheat sheets for specific applications, tools, processes or techniques
  • Notes based on different resources that I’ve pursued.
  • Some notes from undergrad (please don’t judge me too harshly for those…)
  1. LaTeX in Sublime Text (LaTeXTools) setup guide
  2. ORCA
  3. Psi4
  4. LAMMPS/LigParGen/fftool
  5. PCM - Also check out my presentation on Polarisable Continuum Models